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Supporting people who live on the streets!

On the evening of April 19, we found ourselves next to our fellow homeless people, through the “Bedrock of Participation for Homelessness” program!

A total of 75 volunteers, together with Ithaca and PRAKSIS organized a large-scale action, addressing people who live in street conditions and lack basic goods.

In the action, 200 kits with basic hygiene goods, such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, wet wipes, toilet paper, antiseptics as well as necessary products such as sleeping bags, were distributed in 4 locations in Athens and Piraeus. The goal, to get these goods to the people who need them, directly, was achieved!

Many thanks to all the volunteers who participated in the action with multiple roles! Both for finding and organizing the products, as well as in their distribution!

Endless EC stood by us by providing 800 pieces of hygiene items for people on the street, as well as with their employees helping with the distribution!

Open Paths Athens was also a big help, as they offered 100 sleeping bags, as well as helping to organize a distribution point!

Thank you very much everyone!

About Ithaca:

The non-profit organization Ithaca was founded in 2015 and aims to reintegrate and increase the social integration of the homeless and other vulnerable groups. Ithaca operates Europe’s first mobile laundry unit providing hygiene services and job reintegration opportunities to people from socially vulnerable groups. To date it has helped 8,900+ people, completing over 33,000 visits, delivering 169+ tons of clean clothes. By providing a psychosocial service, it has already responded to over 1,400 requests from beneficiaries, while it has successfully contributed to the work reintegration of 44 people from vulnerable groups.

About Endless EC

Endless EC is a purely Greek company, which is active in the processing of tissue paper products, the production of liquid detergents as well as the marketing of personal hygiene and related items. It is among the largest in the Paper – Detergent sector and is on the list of the largest companies in Greece, based on the ICAP list, employing 232 staff. The company is a Member of the ΕΛΛΑ – ΔΙΚΑ ΜΑΣ initiative, a Community of purely Greek productive companies that maintain their Headquarters, Production and Ownership in Greece.

About Open Paths Athens 

Open Paths Athens is a grassroots community-based organization composed of people from different communities within Athens working together to support and promote equity to all sectors of society. Open Paths Athens supports the people in need in Athens to gain access to health care and mental health services. Promoting civic engagement with local politicians and community leaders in order to influence positive social change.