Our team

The Ithaca team is made up of diverse people who each have their own unique backgrounds, skills and abilities, as well as specific roles and distinct tasks in the operation of the organization. However, what unites us is our common goal: reducing the social exclusion of the homeless population.

Ithaca is made up of the board of directors, office and field workers, and volunteers. We all try together every day to contribute to the achievement of the organization’s goals, thus ensuring its correct and efficient operation.

Administration Team

Dimitra Kountourioti

Dimitra is the Director in Ithaca and deals with the coordination and development of the organization’s actions, as well as the team working in the field of action.

Natalia Markopoulou

Natalia is a Social Integration Manager in Ithaca and plans and implements actions aimed at job empowerment and social reintegration of people from vulnerable groups.

Dimitra Skiada

Dimitra is a Social Worker in Ithaca and deals with the empowerment and counseling of the organization’s employees who come from vulnerable social groups, as well as with the support of the beneficiaries in the field.

Eleni Toufeksi

Eleni is the Operations Coordinator of Hygiene Services in Ithaca, and is involved in the proper operation of the Mobile Unit and the Multipurpose Homeless Centre of the Municipality of Athens.

Katerina Velliou

Katerina is a Development Manager in Ithaca and deals with the search and management of resources for the implementation of actions, but also the development of new services that will further increase the impact of the group.

Tasos Repouskos

Tasos is the Communication and Volunteer Coordinator in Ithaca and deals with the promotion of the group’s purpose and activities, informing and raising public awareness and attracting volunteers.

Anna Guma

Anna is the Administrative Support Manager at Ithaca, coordinating and supporting all departments of the organization.

Field Team

Panagiotis Rallis

Panagiotis is the driver of our mobile unit and is responsible for the daily operation, reception and service of the beneficiaries of Ithaca.

Sofia Georgitsa

Sophia is responsible for the day-to-day operation, reception and service of the beneficiaries of Ithaca.

Chrysa Balomenou

Chrysa is responsible for the daily operation, reception and service of the beneficiaries of Ithaca.

Dimitris Perantzakis

Dimitris is the driver of our mobile unit and is responsible for the daily operation, reception and service of the beneficiaries of Ithaca.

Board of Directors

Thanos Spiliopoulos

Thanos is the Founder and Board Member of Ithaca. He works as a business consultant in the areas of strategy and operations and is a graduate of the Department of Administrative Science and Technology of the Athens University of Economics and Business.

Andili Rahouti

Andili is a member of Ithaca’s founding team and Board of Directors. With studies at the AKTO college, she is responsible for designing the Logo and Branding of Ithaca.

Fanis Tsonas

Fanis is a Co-Founder of Ithaca and a member of the Board of Directors. He is a Chemical Engineer graduate of the National Technical University of Athens.


Our volunteers

Volunteers are integral to the operation of Ithaca. They are mainly involved in the daily operation in the field in the reception and service of the beneficiaries and in other positions that match their interests (photography, social media, graphic design, administrative support, web development).

From the beginning of our operation – when our activity was done entirely by volunteers – until now, volunteers offer social work with undiminished interest, while their contribution and help are valuable for the smooth functioning of the organization.

Through their action, our volunteers actively participate in civil society through their direct support to the homeless population. By offering their services to those who need them, they receive moral satisfaction and become more aware of social issues, but also develop their skills and gain valuable knowledge and experience.

By supporting us, you offer essential help to our homeless and needy fellow citizens, help our fellow human beings to gain new opportunities, gain valuable knowledge and experience, contribute according to your interests and schedule, and meet new people with common interests.