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“Easter for All”

People experiencing homelessness rarely have the opportunity to enjoy the holidays. Therefore, with the aim of including these people in the festive atmosphere, Ithaca together with Avin, took care of an “Easter for All”!

On Holy Tuesday, April 11, Avin employees, once again, volunteered in support of Ithaca’s action! At the same time, they offered 50 Easter packages with buns, eggs and chocolates, while they actively participated in the socialization of the beneficiaries who visited us!

About Ithaca:

The non-profit organization Ithaca was founded in 2015 and aims to reintegrate and increase the social integration of the homeless and other vulnerable groups. Ithaca operates Europe’s first mobile laundry unit providing hygiene services and job reintegration opportunities to people from socially vulnerable groups. To date it has helped 7,900+ people, completing over 26,000 visits, delivering 130+ tons of clean clothes. By providing a psychosocial service, it has already responded to over 480 requests from beneficiaries, while it has successfully contributed to the work reintegration of 20 people from vulnerable groups.

About Avin: 

AVIN, one of the leading names in the Greek oil market, started its operations in 1977. It has been a 100% subsidiary of Motor Oil since March 2002. Today it employs over 200 workers, has its own oil storage facilities in Agios Theodoros, Corinthia and counts 640 fuel stations throughout Greece, 160 self-operated and 480 cooperative ones.

AVIN products represent a wide range of advanced technological proposals. From the beginning of its operation until today, AVIN faithfully and consistently applies a human-centered philosophy, where ethics, consistency and respect for the consumer are the main characters. In harmony with the spirit of the times and the need for the energy transition, the Company invests in the grid in new forms of energy. Non Fuel Retail is also a strategic growth pillar. The strengthening of “AGORA” retail stores continues and is renewed, reaching 97 gas stations with new rooms, simultaneously increasing the relevant code. An important tool in achieving the Company’s goals is the AVIN Earn program. The program is a great success as it has exceeded 1 million members, with a penetration rate of over 70% of the total consumption of self-operated gas stations. The high level of the products, the network, the operational readiness of the staff and the consistency of delivery even under the most adverse conditions are the reasons why AVIN has won the public’s preference in gas stations and in the industry.

AVIN’s vision is to be recognized as a leading Greek petroleum company, supporting people, offering quality products and services in an honest and responsible manner, utilizing the strength and technology of the Motor Oil refinery. In a market that changes a lot, AVIN, with the active support of the Motor Oil Group, leads the way and adapts to the new data, aspiring to become the best Greek company in its sector.