Awareness and Advocacy

Advocacy actions

By campaigning and advocating to every relevant institution, Ithaca claims and advocates for the improvement of conditions, services and access to all basic goods for all people. At the same time, she accepts invitations from relevant bodies and participates in working groups for the formulation of policies on housing and is a member of networks for the defence of the right to housing. From 2023, Ithaca is a member of the Board of Directors of the Hellenic Network for the Right to Housing, with the aim of claiming the rights of our homeless fellow human beings in a more effective and coordinated way.


The operation of Ithaca, from the very beginning, has relied heavily on volunteer support. By providing volunteer opportunities with a wide range of possibilities, Ithaca creates the conditions for active members of civil society to participate in the great work of supporting vulnerable people.

Communication initiatives

Awareness raising and education around the issue of asteriasis is one of Ithaca’s main pillars of action. Through the participation of volunteers from the local and international community, joint actions with concerned companies and organizations, as well as the organization of awareness and sensitization activities, Ithaca highlights the real dimensions of asterias, seeking to promote solutions and mobilize a larger part of the population.